Saturday, 11 May 2013

IPL T20 Vs Project Management

As a part of my profession we have been giving advice to our customers to apply certain Project Management principles and techniques. Sometimes it is not so easy to explain those boring terms.
Recently while watching IPL match suddenly I could see lot of similarity between any IPL T 20 match and Project Management.

What is project?.....any time bound journey to achieve unique result. In T20, players are getting limited time and only 20 overs to achieve or lose the match. So isn’t it a project?
In a project, project team has to work within constraints - scope, time, budget, quality, human resources. In T20 match team have many constraints in addition to limited overs which are – only 11 players, fielding restrictions, completing overs in a stipulated time etc.

One of the important characteristic of any project is known as progressive elaboration i.e. adjusting the pace of the project as per the current status through detail planning. In T20 match batsmen and captain of the team has to constantly watch the current run rate and decide whether to accelerate or go slow as per the existing status.

And finally the result of any match – victory of a team is mainly due to excellent strategies, team work, better control on run rate than opponent. In project, victory of any team is equivalent to completion of project within agreed schedule, budget and quality through excellent control on scope, resources, good team work and communication.

So now enjoy IPL T20 and learn few basics of Project Management. 

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